• M01- Route of Gyergyószék
  • Doll’s Museum
  • The Saint Mountain of the Szeklers
  • The salt mine of Parajd
  • The "Veresvirág" Observation Tower of Csomafalva
  • The fortified Church of Csíkkarcfalva
  • The Lonely Rock
  • Tropical Butterfly house of Parajd
Parajd - Gyergyóalfalu - Csíksomlyó
Route of Gyergyószék
The historical road, on which priest István from Gyergyóalfalu led his followers to Csíksomlyó, to protect their ancient faith in 1567.
120 km 5 nap
  • M24-M05- Route of Udvarhelyszék
  • The Heart of Jesus look-out tower
  • Kőrispatak’s straw hat museum
  • Tropical Butterfly house of Parajd
  • Triple Cross on the Tolvajos-tető
  • Tamási Áron memorial house
  • The Fiastetői Viewpoint in Atia village
  • The Salt-pass of Parajd
Parajd - Farkaslaka - Csíksomlyó
Route of Udvarhelyszék
From Parajd, from the Pearl of the Salt Hills, the road to Csiksomlyó leads us through the traditional center of Szeklerland, where we can discover hundreds of years old settlements.
110 km 5 nap