Pentecostal Pilgrimage

Do the last 100 kilometers on Mary’s Way on foot, bicycle or horseback for the childrens and fathers. To all those who would like to participate at the Roman Catholic Pentecostal Holiday in Csiksomlyó, we recommend our program opportunities at Mary’s Way, starting from Sóvárad, Parajd and Atyha to Udvarhely and Gyergyó area.  You can join to groups on foot, horseback or bicycle at every settlement mentioned above.

Participants who will get stamps in their pilgrim passport, obtained from the website for free or bought at registration, will receive an enduring certificate with their names or a traditional diploma. You can find more information about them by clicking here.

To request your free pilgrim passport please click here, and after filling out the data, you can indicate on this page where you want to take over the passport.

We are confident that by our recommended programs we can facilitate the journey of the pilgrims  and that we can provide them a lifetime experience. By joining the groups, you can participate in various programs, you can see the tourist attractions, the monuments along the trail and, last but not least, you can become a member of a large family with whom you can get a deeper experience of spirituality of the pilgrimage.

You can read more about accommodation, equipment and other practical tips here.

You can find out more about routes and tourist attractions here.

Below you can find the pilgrimage programs recommended by us.