Mary`s way - the last 100 km

An established pilgrimage route which is more than an attempt, more than a challenge and more than an adventure… A Journey that connects worlds and will help us to discover who we really are…The Journey on which you will become a member of a new family… The Journey that you have to experience!

We are always looking for something new: better life, peace, silence, success, happiness…We expect that these things will suddenly appear in our lives while making excuses for not finding the right path: we do not have enough time, we do not have enough money, we do not know where should start. Do not concentrate on why you can not achieve your goals. Focus on finding your way.

The last 100 kilometers of Mary’s Way is a pilgrimage route, where you can get to know yourself, your limits and you can find the truly desired purpose, which will fill your life again.

The 100-kilometer long pilgrimage routes of Gyergyószék and Udvarhelyszék will be available from May 13, 2018, from Parajd to Csíksomlyó. It is possible to begin the pilgrimage on both routes individually or by joining the organized programs.

You can do the last 100 kilometers of the pilgrimage on foot, bicycle and horse, by paying tribute to our ancestors, who often made thousands of miles for freedom, honor, or self-knowledge. If the participants can prove with their pilgrim passport that they have finished the last 100 kilometers of Mary’s Way on one of the above mentioned methods, then the organizers will issue a certificate for them. You can find more information about the pilgrim passport and certificate here.

Please click here to get a free pilgrim passport. Once you have entered the data, you can specify on this site where do you want to take over the passport.

The idea of taking the last 100 kilometers of Mary's Way in three different gaits was born with the aim of attracting visitors from Parajd to Csíksomlyó. By choosing one of the two routes, pilgrims can experience a lifelong adventure with the possibility of learning about local history and attractions, and also which will help them not only to get closer to the environment but to prove their own physical and mental perseverence. For more information about the routes, please click here.

"Life without celebration, without rest is a long way.
 Those who peregrinate on Mary's Way will not only accomplish but fulfill themselves"

(Zoltán Gábor)


What does the pilgrimage route mean?

We have mapped the guesthouses and pilgrim accommodations, shops and attractions on the route. The website contributes to a calm and meaningful pilgrimage, including accommodations, attractions, shops, cafes, pharmacies, health centers, police stations, and other important locations.
Local contacts are available in each settlement to support the pilgrims. They can be contacted anytime for information about accommodations, programs and about the pilgrimage either on horseback, bicycle or foot. In order to have a dedicated communication flow, you can find out which local contact speaks on your language or can give you more details in particular topics. Pilgrims won't be alone in Transylvania's romantic landscapes. They can progress from Parajd to Csiksomlyó, as both marked routes of Gyergyószék and Udvarhelyszék will be available for them.