A lifelong memory

Pilgrims along their journey are not only facing themselves but also the forces of nature. They test their spiritual, physical, and will-power, and in recognition of this, they can return home with a certificate which proves that they finished the last 100 kilometers of Mary’s Way on foot, bicycle or horseback.

“You are a wanderer, you have to advance daily on the route, your only purpose which leads to the knowledge of your soul and the divine content of it. It’s not easy. Think about how many temptations you will encounter on the road…to rest, to interrupt your journey, to take care of something else! (...) But when this is not your responsibility! You are a wanderer and you must advance every day!” (Sándor Márai)

Through the pilgrimage we get closer to nature, to our predecessors, to our traditions and primarily to ourselves. This road is a challenge, a road on which we have to recognize and overcome our limits.

Pilgrims can request on the website free pilgrim passports in order to collect seals. Please click here to get a free pilgrim passport. Once you have entered the data, you can specify on this site where do you want to take over the passport. Please fill in the form with real and accurate information because the passports will be issued and sent to the place where you will take over them based on this data. Passports can be purchased at the registration points in Parajd along with a badge, which can be hung on the backpack. These points are marked in the flipbook of the“Routes” section with , together with stamping and other information points. Pilgrim passport pick-up points can be viewed on this map.

Those who do the last 100 kilometers of Mary’s way either of foot, bicycle or on horseback , and can prove this with the passport received at the starting point (Parajd) or received later on, will get a Certificate issued on their names.  In order to get this Certificate, pilgrims must obtain stamps in their passport at the designated places.The stamping points are marked in the flipbook of the “Routes” section with  .  You can ask for additional information at each pilgrimage information points, or you can also check the stamping points on this map. Participants who do not meet the conditions set out above will receive a traditional diploma, which certifies that they have completed the pilgrimage to Csiksomlyó.

The certificates and traditional diplomas can be taken over by pilgrims upon their arrival to Csiksomlyó, at the Jakab Antal House. Participants of the pilgrimage organized by us can find in the detailed programs the concrete days on which they will take over one of the above mentioned certificate, depending on whether they have traveled the last 100 kilometers or not.

In addition to the pilgrim's passports acquired at the starting point, pilgrims can also pick up a badge for their backpack, and possibly a flag. We ask each pilgrim to wear the "M" marked badges on his backpack in a clearly visible place, to be easily distinguishable during the last 100 kilometers of the Mary’s Way pilgrimage.